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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sinful Colors Hot Flash Metallics Full Collection Swatches and Review

Hello lovelies! Last night I finally got around to swatching the full collection of Sinful Colors Hot Flash Metallics that I got during the Walgreens 99 cent sale a couple weeks back.
I have been dying to try these out since I bought them, especially since I was kinda leery about a few of them...they just didn't look like they were going to be "Metallic"
First up is Gone Platinum

This one really surprised me. I wasn't expecting it to be as metallic as it is. It has a lovely color and it is a nice opaque formula, 2 coats is all I needed. The only down side was, like with most metallic polishes, it was a bit streaky. I have to say though, streaks aside, this is one of my favorites in this collection.

Hot Wired

This is a slate gray with a hint of blue, I was expecting a bit more from this color. It required 3 coats to become opaque since the formula is sooooo thin.

Heavy Metal

This is your basic silver metallic polish. Nothing out of the ordinary here, it applied well, no visible brush stokes, and full opaqueness in 2 coats.

Zincing Of You

This is a gold color with a hint of bronze. Again nothing much different than any other gold metallic polish. It's not my favorite gold metallic but hey it was a $1. This was 2 coats as well.

Hot Hot Heat

This is my favorite from this collection, which is funny because it is the least metallic of all 8 of these polishes. It is a beautiful red, dare I even say the perfect red. I have many shades of red in my stash ( no red glitters yet though, believe it or not...anyone want to donate one? LOL) but this is that, for the lack of a better expression, come f**k me red! It just screams HOT! So metallic or not I'm in love with this red! This required only 2 coats as well. (I had the hardest time photographing this color, I always do with reds, these pics were the truest to the actual color)

Moss Have

Now from the good to the bad and ugly! This is my least favorite color of the collection. This was like liquid metal, and probably the most like Gone Platinum in it's formula but thicker. It was very streaky and I had more problems with this color than the rest with dragging. It was fully opaque in 1 coat  but the formula was so thick it missed spots and required another coat. On top of it all I just really dislike the color. I'm no green snob but this green is just ugly!

Super Nova

This is the second gold in this collection, a rose gold. I prefer this gold to Zincing Of You. It applies just the same but the color is much prettier. It is a subtle pink and not like any of the other golds in my stash. This is 2 coats as well.

Precious Metal

This blue's formula is the same as Hot Wired's formula. They were the thinnest of all 8, almost watery. They were more shimmery than metallic to me, but it was very pretty after the
3rd coat.

Have any of you tried the Hot Flash Metallics? Which is your favorite?
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Have a great day ladies, Ciao for now!

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