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Friday, September 7, 2012

Nail Pattern Boldness: Flipping Out Hard

Continuing with the theme of late night posts and reviewing polishes I've said I'd kill for, I'm going to talk about Nail Pattern Boldness tonight!
Flipping Out Hard
(As you see in the picture I have 2 of these beauties! I've decided that as soon as I reach 100 GFC followers here or 100 likes on my Facebook fan page ...hopefully both...I will be having my very first GIVEAWAY!)

This is the very first Indie polish I wanted to buy, it's the reason I started to learn about Indie polishes. It is a mix of matte green, yellow and blue glitters.

I love the brightness of this fantastic glitter bomb!

I wore this out and I had so many random people stop and ask what I had on my nails, the brightness just caught their eyes. It's a stunner!

As you can see this can give you full coverage with pretty much just 2 coats.  I tried 3 just to see and while it does provide even more coverage it gets a tad thick so 2 is my magic number here.

Now if you aren't into using a glitter for full coverage... O_o ... this works really well paired with some undies!

Thumb:Vibrant Violet
Index: Green With Envy
Middle: Blue Me Away
Ring: Mellow Yellow
Pinkie: Coral Reef
All Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear.
I only did the tips to show the contrast.

Since this is an extremely thirsty glitter polish I do recommend Glitter Food on top to smooth it out! This stuff is amazing. I have talked about this in a previous post if you'd like check it out here.

Now since I spoke about the process of purchasing on DP last night, I will do the same for NPB tonight.

Allison, the owner of NPB has an Etsy shop, so the process was easy for me since I had used Etsy like crazy for a ton of my wedding stuff last year. ( I Love Etsy!) Her buying process is pretty straight forward ad to the cart and checkout or keep shopping. *WARNING* If it is an item that is highly sought after you need to be fast! Etsy allows cart jacking! The one major downfall of Etsy.
Now shipping, Allison has FREAKISHLY fast shipping! The last restock was on a Friday and I had my package on the following Tuesday! I know that shipping can be a major factor for some of you. If it is no worries here you get your product FAST! When you receive your polish you will see they are packaged great, lots of bubble wrap and they come in a nice mesh pouch and Allison includes a small handwritten card with each purchase, a very nice touch I think!
Allison's prices are very reasonable, especially compared to some indie brands, at $8 a bottle.
She does updates on her Blog and lets you know on her Facebook page about any updates she has posted about, as well as any swatches of her products!
NPB only ships to US and Canada as of right now BUT she made an announcement  recently stating she has teamed up with Llarowe to bring international customers her Glitter Food top coat and is working on having them sample her colors for them to carry as well!
She is also teaming up with Shoppe Eclecticco for select colors!

Nail Pattern Boldness is having a restock later TODAY 3pm est, so go to her restock info page that I have linked below to see what she will have!

Now off to do my 31 day challenge "black and white" mani!

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