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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Dollish Polish: Zombie Flesh and Expecto Patronum!

I am quite a bit behind in my posting lately, but I can't seem to get on  a normal schedule.
I have screwed up my sleep pattern so badly that I am up all night and most of the morning and sleep all the rest of the day. See,this past march the hubby and I decided it was no longer economical for me to continue to work at the hospital I was a Sterilization Tech at. I was driving almost 100 miles a day and most of my money was being spent on gas. so I quit, now I'm home 99% of the time and I have royally screwed my sleep schedule up! Grrr....ok, I'm done ranting now.
So now POLISH!
(I apologize in advance for the lengthy post)
Since I really started submerging myself into the world of lacquer there are a few indie names that really spoke to me. Dollish Polish was one of them. I knew as soon as I saw these next 2 polishes I HAD TO HAVE THEM! I waited and waited and finally Dolly did a restock 2 days before my birthday! So my wonderful hubby got these bad boys for me as a birthday present!
First up - Zombie Flesh

This is EXACTLY what I think a zombies flesh would look like...if it were glammed up!
Dolly did a spectacular job of capturing that nasty, ugly, decaying green that's just so magnificently beautiful! She pared it with the perfect color glitters in small and medium black  hex and ultra fine glitters in green and gold.

Application was excellent, not streaky at all. It is a bit sheer so multiple coats are required for full opacity. Undies would do well to preserve this hard to get beauty. Zoya Dree may be a good base for it, I just received that from my BOGO so next time I will try that out.

Next up is Expecto Patronum

A milky white base with small and medium green/teal hex glitter.

This formula is just as easy to apply as the ZF was. It was nice and smooth. Again I'd recommend undies or multiple coats, 3 worked pretty well.

I have to admit the main reason I was dying to get this polish was for the name, I am a huge
 Harry Potter nerd, but after finally getting it on my claws, I am in LOVE with this! I am becoming a big fan of the white base with glitter looks and this does not disappoint!

Now for the buying process. I am, as I've said before, new to the indie world, but I am slowly building my collection. My first indie buying experience was through Etsy and for a smaller brand so my experience was smooth, I got what I wanted and paid without problems.
The buy for DP was a bit of a different experience. I had never purchased with Big Cartel before so I had no idea what I was in for. Dolly didn't give an exact time for her restock, which I agree with her is better in the long run due to the high demand of her product. If she gave an exact time it would be impossible for people to get what they wanted due to the people who purchase multiple so they can sell them off at a mark up. The nice thing about BC is that you have a 30 minute window to try and nab what you want, down side is that people hold things unnecessarily keeping other shoppers from getting what they want. It's a win/lose here. During this purchase I thank God I got a full sized ZF even though I wanted 2, I missed the full sized EP but snagged 2 minis. I waited and waited for the mystery shade but I never saw it so I thought I missed it, since I wasn't exactly sure how the mystery shade worked, I checked out. Then *BAM* mystery shade! DAMN IT!!! It was Grease Lightning too! So I was a bit bummed I missed it. Oh Well. Next was the wait. Shipping took a little longer than I was expecting, but we have to keep in mind most indies are just hard working women who rely on the help of their family and friends to get these all packaged, labeled and ready for shipping, a major restock such as this takes time. Over all this was a good a good learning experience for future buying! I highly recommend buying from Dolly! She has some amazing polishes and I plan on buying more when she has her next restock sometime this month!
She updates her restock info in her facebook page and her website.
If you aren't already following her do so! She made a big announcement yesterday about her
"This Is Halloween" collection!

Again I appologize for the lengh of this post. Sometimes I feel as if I don't give enough info and wanted to take the time to really do that this time! I appreciate any feed back, on this...too long, just right...anything. Thanks ladies!

Now I need to go do my day 8 in the My Favorite Things Challenge!

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