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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

A few weeks ago my lovely niece, Nani, asked me if I was planning on doing any St Patrick's Day nails. I normally plan an art mani out and then get so busy with my reviews I just end up sayin fudge it and scrap the whole idea. This time was different since Nani requested that I turn her concept into art on my nails. She is probably one of the most artistic people I will ever meet. This little girl, (young woman? Nah she's still my baby! LOL) can turn some of the most random pieces of scrap into a work of art. Paintings or jewelry, full outfits made of paper to building her own doll house from scratch, that the cat now sleeps in by the way, she is a true artist, in mind, eye and attitude  I only hope that as she grows up that creativity grows with her and she won't let adolescence take away that artistic side! So this mani is for my Nani Bear! (She's going to kill me for writing that!)

All the pretty colors I used!

Well those are my St Patty's Day nails, done especially for my Nani Bear. (Geisel you'll have to tell me if  she likes them!)

Happy St Patrick's Day everyone! Eat some corned beef and cabbage and drink some green beer if your old enough, if not drink some green milk! Either way be safe! 
♥ Gini ♥ 


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