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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

WingDust Collections: Day Dreamer (White Holo)

Tonight I have 1 of several new holographic polishes from Wing Dust Collections new spring line!
The sun has been quite fickle around these parts as of lately. It's kind of a game of tag that I've been playing with it! When it's out I rush to swatch a holo and just as soon as I am ready to photograph it hides! I swear the sun gods are getting a good chuckle from the whole fiasco! I did manage to get some decent sun this past Saturday, (right before it snowed about a foot!) and I really wanted to show this one to you all first, of all the holos I have to review for you, so I made sure I swatched this one before any others! Which turned out to be a good thing since I had someplace to go and didn't have time to swatch any others. 

Day Dreamer...
...a white/leaning silver base with silver, white, lavender, and aqua glitters (square & hex) all small in size.
All photos of Day Dreamer are shown as 3 coats. Since it's a holo I did my ring and pinkie fingers with a top coat (Mega Shine) and the other half without.

WOW! I LOVE this polish! The holo is not overwhelming, don't expect color club holo it is much more delicate than that, which I can really appreciate since this has soft colored glitters in it. I think if the holo was strong it would hide the hint of color that is already in this beauty with those glitters. The subtlety of the rainbow mixed with the lavender and aqua are a stunner! Now the holo does show more IRL than it does in these photos. I took a TON of photos and still was unable to capture the true strength of the spectrum, but believe me though, it's there. As with all of Wing Dust polishes, the formula is spectacular! Easy application; no flooding, dragging, balding or pooling, no fishing for glitters and dry time is great! Yes, even without the fast dry top coat. Speaking of top coat, remember I said I used top coat on 2 of the nails? Well You can use it on all of them if you prefer to smooth out your mani. Since there are a lot of little glitters in this it does dry a bit textured, nothing too annoying though, so if you wish to put a coat of your favorite fast dry on go on a head! It doesn't seem to diminish the holo one bit. 

What are your thoughts on this Wing Dust? I am loving that this is one of the most unique holo indies around! Keep checking in because I have a LOT more Wing Dust to show you in the future!!!  
Wing Dust Collections can be purchased on Etsy here. Full size bottles retail for anywhere from $8 to $12. Don't forget to use the code Sassy15 at checkout for your 15% off!!! 
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  1. VERY pretty. I am not a real big fan of the big hex, butterfly and heart glitters, so this is right up my alley. I just maxed my indie budget for the next couple of weeks, but I am gonna keep my eye out for your next posts on these!


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