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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

TIOT: Nails Inc. Leather Effect "Noho"

Hello my polished pals! Welcome to another Try It On Tuesday! I am trying to keep up this week, it felt weird missing last weeks TIOT post. A couple of weeks ago I was at the mall with my hubs and we were just wandering around aimlessly and he goes "Hey! Did you know there was a Sephora here?" I stopped dead in my tracks and I think my eyeballs may have popped out of my head! 

To think I have been passing it by all this time because I never go into JC Penny's! While we were there I came across the Nails Inc. Leather Effects Collection which comes in 3 shades, black "Noho", tan "Soho Mews" and burgundy "Shoreditch Lane". 

All photos of Noho are shown as 2 coats.

Apparently I'm diggin the textured trend! LOL But I have to say I think I prefer the Zoya PixieDust's better, but because they are super sparkly! This is a nice base for some embellishments though. I decided on some square rhinestones. It applied nicely, perfectly opaque in 2 coats. Dry time was excellent! I was expecting to have to wait an eternity for it to dry completely but I bumped my hand about 2 minutes after completing my mani and no dents or scratches. NICE! 

I did apply a top coat after and I have to say  love the look of it with a top coat, it's still very textured but with a high shine. Unfortunaley the pictures didn't turn out as well as the others and, I'm going to be honest, I'm being lazy and just don't feel like taking MORE you get only 1! 

It looks like poo in the pic but looks awesome IRL! Sorry for the crappy pic! 

Now, some NPR talk. Some of you may remember I said I had a lot of stuff we had going on with house repairs/renovations. Well this past weekend my parents and my little brother came out to help my hubby fix our ceiling in the dining room. We had a leaky roof quite a while back, we fixed the roof ASAP but the ceiling we kept putting off. We have all plaster walls and ceilings and plaster is a huge pain in the butt to fix. We opted for just tearing down the portion that was damaged and putting drywall in its place. It's not finished yet but it's a lot closer. 

We are now working on sanding the compound and then taping it so we can paint the ceiling and the room since it is a hideous brown. This means I have no light in my dining room until we finish painting the ceiling. The biggest bummer of all is the dining room is my "polish studio", as my hubby calls it! So until we get finished and re-install the ceiling fan and lights I am polishing at the coffee table and my light box has been relocated to my little red heads room while she is at her moms. Since I typically don't polish on the weekend we have her this should work well. My Melmers and my supply cart has been relocated to my bedroom, which is kind of comforting in a weird polish obsessed way! Anyway, after painting we are replacing the carpet and going to set up my new desk and table for my light box and polishing. I'm tired just writing about this let alone having to do it all! Blah! I hate being a grown up!! LOL 
Well that's all for now!  

♥ Gini ♥

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