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Friday, March 29, 2013

U-Neek Polish: Endometriosis Awareness

Hi all! We are nearing the end of the month already, can you believe it?! While everyone is readying for their weekend I'd like to show you all an awareness polish from U-Neek Polish. March is Endometriosis Awareness Month so I really wanted to get this reviewed and to share this information with you all before the month was officially over!

What is endometriosis?
"During monthly menstruation, the female body sheds the endometrium (uterine lining) in the process commonly known as a "period". In women and girls who have endometriosis, some of these menstrual fluids are retained in the body and abnormally implant in areas outside of the uterus. These implants, or nodules, eventually accumulate on the bladder, bowel, ovaries, cul de sac, and other nearby organs, leading to the development of adhesions, scarring and invasive nodules. This can cause symptoms that vary from painful periods, chronic pelvic pain, infertility, pain associated with intercourse and sexual activity to painful bowel movements, rectal pain and urinary pain or difficulty."
To read more visit

Endometriosis Awareness...
...a beautiful yellow with a bit of hidden shimmer.
All photos are shown as 2 coats topped with Mega Shine.

This is a tad bit on the thicker side, but I think it works in it's favor. Most yellow polishes tend to be a bit streaky and take at least 3 coats to get full coverage, sometimes more. This was thick enough that you can put a good heavy coat on and it wouldn't flood the cuticles or sides, so 2 coats were perfect! The shimmer is apparent IRL but it doesn't overpower, so it was impossible to capture in the photos. For some reason some of these pix look like there is bubbling, but that isn't the case. It was a nice, smooth finish, I think that's just the way the shimmer showed up. Weird, I know! LOL

Endometriosis Awareness can be purchased on Etsy here. A full size bottle retails for $8, 15% of the sales from each bottle of Endometriosis Awareness will be donated to the Endometrosis Foundation of America .
You can follow U-Neek Polish on the following social media sites:
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1 comment:

  1. I applaud U-Neek for her social conscience. Last year, I purchased from her a lovely purple Chiari-awareness polish you swatched.

    I'm not big on shimmery frosties anymore, but this is bright and so lovely.

    You're a good egg, Gini!

    Happy Easter, honey.



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