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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

*EDIT* Frankenstain Nail Polish: Venus In The Sea, Kassandra & Sleep Deprived

Today's TIOT post is going to be a late one. I am going to try to have double posts up on Tuesdays and Wednesdays for a little while. I have a TON of reviews to get done and with all the extra things going on around the house and my TIOT and ABC posts taking those days away I am having a hard time keeping up. Today I have the final 3 of my  Frankenstain Nail Polish reviews.

Venus In The Sea...
..."A sea blue with a golden pearl shimmer base with blues, aquas, silver shred, and iridescent glitters."

All photos of Venus In The Sea are shown as 2 coats topped with 1 coat Mega Shine.

No your monitor isn't off, this really is a kind of sea green, not blue as described. I actually like the color though. Unfortunately the base is extremely thick making it quite hard to work with. The bubbling you see was due to that thickness I'm sure and no amount of top coat was going to fix it.  

... "a purple jelly base with silver holo butterflies, lavender hex and square, mixed hex, micro purple holo hex glitters."

All photos of Kassandra are shown as 3 coats topped with 1 coat Mega Shine.

This is a gorgeous polish, the colors of the glitters with this color base is amazing, the blue seems to glow IRL. Oh how I wish the formula was better. Again extremely thick but it was a bit easier to use than the previous polish, there was no major bubbling with this one either, it was just very hard to spread on the nail and to wrap the tips. The butterflies were pretty hard to get out of the bottle as well. If the formula was different this would easily be an amazing polish! 

Sleep Deprived..., red, lavender and silver in bar (holo), square, hex and flower shapes in a clear base with holographic pigment. 

Sleep Deprived is shown as 2 coats over Sinful Colors Orange Dream topped with Mega Shine.

The easiest to work with out of the 3, the glitter toppers seem to have a thinner formula than the colors.The glitters were very easy to get out of the bottle, the stars and flowers were a slight challenge but no too terrible, and applied nicely to the nail. The holo isn't very strong but it was there. This would look good over pretty much any color. Something I will note all of these polishes seem to have a much stronger smell than most. I must not have noticed on my previous review due to the fact that I had been very congested for a  while. 

I stated in my last review of  Frankenstain that the dry time was unusually long and this review is no different. All 3 of these just didn't seem to dry. Application of my fast dry top coat Mega Shine simply seemed to seal the polish between it and the base coat allowing it to sort of slide off the nail once bumped, or touched. The picture below was taken over an hour after my top coat was added. I went to get dressed for bed and when I looked at my mani this is what I saw. I was going to save the mani for the morning to take pix in natural light to see of I could get the holo, unfortunately that wasn't going to happen.

I have been in touch with Sarah from Frankenstain and she has informed me that she has switched bases and it seems to have fixed the problems that I have addressed here. 

Frankenstain Nail Polish can be purchased on Etsy here, $7.25 for full size and $3.50 for minis. 
You can follow Frankenstain on Facebook here.

(Product was send for review. All opinions are my own and were not influenced by Frankenstain Nail Polish in any way.)


  1. I love the colours of Kassandra! It's too bad that they take a while to dry though.
    I have some dry drops (OPI & China Glaze), but I've never compared the dry time. They seem to work great though, I usually use them when I do my nails RIGHT before going to bed, or if I have a busy day and I need them dry asap! I guess these polishes could make a good test for the drops.

  2. The dry time issue is weird! I didn't have that with the 2 I've swatched, but I still have 3 more to work on tonight. Hopefully that won't happen. My bottle of sleep deprived broke when I opened it though! My mailman can be a beast about handling packages and I think he was vicious with that one. Mean man! :(


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